Friday, 4 December 2015

As a beginner of acoustic guitar learner

As stepped into 20s world, I had a feeling of growing up myself to the stage of being a real adult (the mature one). And of course, with this feeling, I wish that I could learn more and become a human that has many abilities from specific aspects or fields.

So for the first challenge I took, I had tried to involve myself into music field. The field I never ever try before. I know this isn't the first time to study music but the very last time was during my primary school's music class! (lol). The passion was all over my body. It made me to register my very first guitar class at a music centre which suggested by my sweet friend and here comes my guitar learning story.

Before the first class, of course I had to buy myself a guitar. And, yup, I chose the acoustic guitar because I was admired by the sound of acoustic. (definitely blowing my mind!) Looking at my very first guitar, I was awed but I did not know how to play! This did really pissed me off.

On the first class (which I was SUPER excited for it), I had met my very first guitar teacher, Mr. Mervin. He asked why am I here. My answer was: "to be a successful one in any field!" And of course, Mervin laughed at my (stupid) answer.

So, he asked again, "Did you play any instrument before? Why u choose guitar than piano or violin?" Well, here is my simple answer: Guitar can bring to anywhere and the only instrument I can play is...... flute. Yes, the primary teacher taught me. (LOL)

Cut the fore, Mervin told me the structure of guitar. The top of the guitar is called as guitar head. The middle which is the 12 frets for acoustic guitar is called as guitar neck. Then, the shape like a woman with big tummy is called as guitar body where the hole makes the strings sound.

Guitar has 6 strings. As everyone knows, every string has its own sound. When u pick it one by one, you can definitely know that the thicker the string, the higher the pitch of the sound of string. Of course when you pressed on it, it will sounds different too! Then if you press the string on the different fret, the sound will be different. Isn't that awesome? And the strings from the above to below, they are being called as E, A, D, G, B and E (high). If you are the advanced guitar player, you have to know how to tune the strings correctly, so it would not sounds weird. And, for the beginner, please ask for your guitar tutor's help or using any tuning application on your smartphone.

What is fret? Fret is the space created on the guitar neck. If you check out the guitar, you will see there are a lot of squares on the neck. The row of squares (vertical) are frets, so when you pressed on it, it sounds differently from the sound which you do not press any fret. The frets which near the head, it sounds lower tone when you pick it. So as the other way, the frets which near the body, it sounds higher tone.

Next, after knowing the function of frets, here comes the chords!! Chords play the very important role for playing a song. Whenever you strum or pick the strings, you need to chords. The chords representing the notes of song. So there are a lot of chords we need to know during learning guitar. A chord can be using 2 to 4 fingers at one time. For 2 fingers, you could put 2 second fret of string A and D. Then, strum it. That's E minor chord. 

This is how we press:

So, end our class here.
To be continued...

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