Saturday, 12 December 2015

Second class for acoustic guitar beginner

Hi, is me again. So here we go for the second class for acoustic guitar beginner.

Today, I am going to introduce some of the chords that usually play for the songs.

Last post I had introduced about E minor chord.
Yes, the easiest chord of all the guitar chords.

Okay, the 'famous' chord that always appear in a song.

C major chord. Three of your fingers you just have to use for play this chord.
Easy right?
Although C major chord might be simple, still, you have to make sure you play the right sound. It seem like to be easy but you have press on the correct fret and remember press tightly too!

So here is the pattern of C major chord:

So as you see from the picture above. We know that 3 fingers will be used to play C major chord. The 1 in the picture stands for the forefinger (index finger) and we know that the finger should be press the B string (2nd string from below) on the first fret. The 2 which is for middle finger should be press on D string (4th string from below) on the second fret. Then 3 which is for ring finger should be press on A string (5th string from below) on the third fret.

Okay, now your finger pattern should be like this:

Ok, now strum your C major chord. Does it sound properly? Do you press the string really tight to the fret?

So, here comes the easy and clear tutorial video to make sure you are playing the right chord. Enjoy!

I believe that you can play your C major chord now.
But, that's really a easy one.
So I am giving a hard task as homework today.
F major chord!
I guess every guitar learner has been gone through the struggling of playing F major chord smoothly or correctly.
So here comes the challenging chord!

For F major chord, you have to use 4 fingers.
So let's see how to use your 4 fingers to play F major chord:

Looks like it is easy because just adding your pinky finger on pressing the string.
Well.. (smirk) for your information, the forefinger should be pressing every string on the first fret.......

WHAT!? Forefinger presses on all of the strings on the first fret?! IS IT POSSIBLE???!!
Well, this requires a lot of practices. But once you already mastered this F major chord, the other chords are no longer difficult for you.

So here is the diagram shows how you press on your guitar neck:

So do you see that? The forefinger has to press the every string on the first fret. Then for the middle finger (2) presses G string on second fret. The (3) shows the ring finger is pressing A string on third fret. Lastly your pinky (4) on D string third fret.

Okay here comes a short tutorial video to make sure you play your right chord:

One reminder: You have to play every string and every of it sounds correctly! 

End of today's class, until we meet again on my next post. *blowing kisses*

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